Agreement for dynamic expansion in the Swedish market

Agreement for dynamic expansion in the Swedish market

The talks for collaboration between the leading Greek frozen yogurt manufacturer Chillbox S.A. and Health & Passion AB have concluded and pave the way for the company’s dynamic expansion in the Swedish market.

The agreement provisions the opening of 25 stores in the largest cities in Sweden; a market of about 10 million residents with high take-up rates in products of high quality and rich nutritional value which respond to the requirements of a contemporary and healthy lifestyle. It must be noted that the first Chillbox store in Sweden is already open and serving.

The total investment for the setting up of the Chillbox store chain in Sweden amounts to €3 million and the estimated export turnover is expected to reach €5 million.
“We believe that our partnership with Health & Passion AB will soon raise Chillbox to become the leading frozen yogurt chain in Sweden, affirming the expansion of the Greek concept of Chillbox throughout Scandinavia” stated Ch. Savvinos, CEO at Chillbox. “We are thrilled with the Greek frozen yogurt and the entire concept behind Chillbox which entirely reflects our company’s philosophy and we are convinced of its successful growth in the Swedish market” responded Tobias Ohman CEO at Health & Passion AB. Chillbox S.A. was founded in 2012 with a vision to produce Greek frozen yogurt of the finest quality and become a haunt for healthy delight in every city!

Very soon, Chillbox managed to grow into the largest Greek enterprise in the field and establish frozen yogurt as the new favourite treat.
Today, Chillbox S.A. has the largest frozen yogurt store network in Greece with presence in 45 points in the country. In addition, the distinct Greek concept promoted by Chillbox is constantly gaining ground in foreign markets too. More specifically, it has already entered the markets of Britain (1 store), Belgium (1 store), Bulgaria (2 stores), Cyprus (2 stores) and by September the network of branches is expected to expand in Austria, France, Germany and Qatar.

What needs to be underlined is that Chillbox S.A. is a purely Greek company producing the entire gamut of its products in Greece using Greek raw materials and Greek fresh milk. Thus, it offers consumers frozen yogurt of unrivalled quality meeting the requirements of a healthy low-fat diet with a high “delight” index. Chillbox is also contributing to the Greek economy as it employs more than 200 staff, supports Greek producers and promotes our country and its top-grade products in foreign markets.

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