The company

Everything you want to know about us

How can you fit in a box a combination of natural, fresh low fat Frozen Yogurt that makes you healthier, without losing out on the taste? That’s the question! And that’s how Chillbox Greek Frozen Yogurt started. Unique frozen yogurt is our passion. We make it with the best all-natural ingredients, and we spoil it every step of the way so it will spoil you in return.

There’s more!

The same passion is used in our Chillbox Greek Frozen Yogurt store every day, where we also offer a selection of Yogo Smoothies, fresh Juices and fine Coffee for connoisseurs.

Our vision

After achieving the leader’s position in Greece, our Vision is to achieve the leadership position in the International market of Greek Frozen Yogurt with unparalleled nutritional value, and serve a human centric ideal of healthy lifestyle with great pleasure! Obsessed with quality, we combine creativity, imagination and expertise offering not a product but an unforgettable experience to our fans.

Our values

  • Health and pleasure can be combined. Frozen yogurt is the proof.
  • Greek frozen yogurt is unique.
  • Nature provides us the best raw materials. That’s why we use them.
  • We do not compromise with nothing less than superior quality in every stage of production and distribution.


We check and ensure that our products are safe from beginning to end. We have the proper systems to guarantee the safety and quality product control and we have been awarded with the matching certificates.

  • Certificate EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Certificate EN ISO 22000:2005

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